Flowery Approach


An Anna’s Hummingbird makes a flowery approach for a tasty snack. The small bird against the red flower makes for a stunning presentation.


The low buzz is a sure giveaway that the flower will soon have company. Of course, you don’t have long to think about it. Once you hear the buzz, the hummingbird is already on a flowery approach. Most times, before you can blink, there’s a hummingbird in the flower.

This anna’s hummingbird decided that the flower made a perfect source of nectar. In and out of the flower she went, working to find the best nectar that the flower had to offer, then just like that, she buzzed out of there as quickly as she came in.

She came right back, though, once again enjoying the symbiosis between flower and hummingbird.

This vignette occurred just outside of Tucson, Arizona, although it happens everywhere there are hummingbirds. Still, every time we bear witness to it, we are reminded just how extraordinary nature is, and how deep and complicated her relationships are.

After all, the plant produces the flower to attract pollinators such as the hummingbird. For incentive, the flower offers sweet nectar, which the hummingbird appreciate. The flower, however, is addition to providing nectar has its pollen rubbed off onto the hummingbird, which is in turn deposited into another plant and flower as the hummingbird visits it.

Nature is complex and beautiful!

Another view of Flowery Approach

Hummingbird Snack is another view and makes an excellent companion piece.

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