Fall’s Display


Trees in full autumn color line the mirror-still lake in Fall’s Display. West Viriginia’s fall colors are second to none, especially at peak color.


The morning was cool and crisp, in exactly that cool and crisp kind of way that said fall was at its peak, and winter would soon enough storm into the mornings. Fall’s Display is a perfect example of the season.

Still, for all that was about to come, it was a gorgeous morning; the air was still, warmth was just beginning to find its way into the day, and the sun was just beginning the daily journey into the sky. Winter would have to wait its turn, after all.

This small lake is located in West Virginia near the New River Gorge National River. Although, really, it could be about anywhere. The riot of colors from the oak, poplar, and maple trees, reflecting into the golden morning hues of the lake attracted my attention immediately. I was captivated by this scene: how could I not make a photograph of it?

I especially like the progression of fall. It’s greener on one side than the other, and I like how it tells the story of fall’s display.

The sun rose higher into the sky, delivering the promised warmth. Fall could not hold on forever, though, and one by one the leaves fell. Winter would have its way in the end, it seemed.

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Matted Photograph, Finished Aluminum