Fall Bells


Maroon Bells in Colorado is a beautiful place, and even more so in autumn. Fall’s Bells presents the full color of aspens at peak.


Maroon Bells becomes Fall Bells on the right autumn day.

It is in the fall, when the aspens are in their peak color, that the Maroon Bells really come into their own. These magnificent peaks tower over Maroon Lake, rising up out of the wilderness and into the sky itself.

As the aspens begin to turn into their fall colors, the sight only intensifies until, right at their peak, the colors are almost indescribable. With aspens stretching down one side, and evergreens the other, the contrast becomes picture perfect.

The Maroon Bells Wilderness in Colorado has more beauty in it than just the bells themselves, of course. Trails start out from the lake, going low and going high, allowing one to walk in the wilderness.

Despite the crowds that come to see this panorama, the trails remain mostly uncrowded, providing a further contrast. For those who have the time to explore, the wilderness will reward you well; of course you’re always in sight of the iconic mountains, which makes it all the more beautiful.

Maroon Bells on a fall day is an absolutely stunning sight!

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