Heceta Dawn

The day unfolded as a soggy gray soup, which was not overly unusual for the Oregon coastline. Despite the dreary pre-dawn hour, there was a glint and glimmer of hope, for the weather, fickle as it always is, has a habit of turning out completely different from what anyone expects. Perhaps today would be no different.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse shined brightly into the soup, regardless of what might, or might not, become of the morning. Time would tell, and that would be known soon enough. For the moment, though, the beacon of light pierced the gloom, warning mariners of the treacherous shoreline and providing the ever-important navigational fix.

As the sun began its daily journey through the sky, and the sky began to lighten, the morning mists and clouds slowly lifted, allowing just enough sunlight to slip through small gaps. The result was a dawn full of purples and pinks, making for a truly lovely beginning to the day.

The lighthouse paid the morning no attention and continued its vigil for those at sea.

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