Ojito HooDoos

Deep in the heart of central New Mexico lies the wild and untamed Ojito Wilderness. Although not as large as some of its brethren, this wilderness has a character and spirit all its own, and certainly represents the word “wilderness.”

It has a long history–dating back to the age of dinosaurs. The fossil evidence here continues to tell the story of the Jurassic Age, and several significant finds have been made here. More recently, it tells the story of humans who have made this inhospitable place home.

Today it is protected as a true wilderness, and in that spirit there are no roads, and no formal trails. Just miles and miles of amazing scenery, stretching as far as the eye can see. There are arroyos cutting through it; there are cliffs to be found, and there are hoodoos in its badlands! Hoodoos are spires of rock, sometimes tall and straight, and sometimes more tent-shaped, as these particular ones are. Either way, though, when you spot them in the Ojito you have found a sight that few other sees.

When was the last time you walked in a wilderness?

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