Junco Bath

Junco Bath

There is always something special about a warm spring day, isn’t there? After a cold winter, full of snow and chill, the contrast that spring brings is always heartwarming. Everyone responds to it, in some way or the other.

This dark eyed junco, or to be precise, this gray-headed form of the dark-eyed junco, has decided that a bath is the best way to celebrate the day. It flew in close to inspect the water, and to be sure all was OK. It was. It approached cautiously, for it knew I was about, but after a while decided I was no problem. It hopped into the water, again showing caution, but almost immediately forgot about everything else save the pure delight of the bath. It splashed and sloshed about, and you could see its delight in the refreshing water. It would hop back up onto a rock, but it wouldn’t stay out for long! Right back in it would go, and the splashing would begin again.

There is something magical and amazing when you share in the delight of birds, and I spent quite a bit of time watching them. Each one has its own personality, and over time, it is possible to recognize individuals. They come and go, yet, many of the same birds will visit you day after day, season after season, and year after year. It is one thing to watch them feed: it is quite another to watch them enjoy themselves, seemingly for the simple sake of the pleasure it brings. This junco is certainly no exception.

Eventually, it spread its wings and shook the water off, and relinquished the bath to the next lucky feathered occupant. After drying for a moment in the warm spring sun, it took off. Everyone’s day was made that much more enjoyable by the experience.

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