Yucca Nights




The transition between day and night is always a more than wonderful time for photography. The colors as the day gives way to twilight and beyond is simply beyond compare, even if it is often beyond brief. Such is the case of the desert, and certainly the desert that exists in White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

The pure white of the gypsum sand dunes reflects all of the colors of the sky. During the day, this is, of course, white as white can possibly be: blindingly white, in fact. And at night, of course, the desert loses almost all of its apparent color. But sometimes–just sometimes, mind you–the twilight gives the most incredible shades of pinks. Such was the case this particular deep summer evening.

The day was almost stormy, so there was plenty of moisture in the air. It had rained the night before, leaving even more moisture. And the winds? Ah, they had gone elsewhere for the day, leaving all still and hot. And leaving this yucca to enjoy the twilight show all to itself.

Well, itself and the camera, of course.

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