Young Bull




Ah, to be a young Elk. Could there be anything better?

The world is fresh and new… full of wonder and surprise, and new adventures around each and every corner. It is a time for learning how to be a young bull elk, and how to wield those antlers which are coming along nicely (but getting bigger every day, it seems). It is a time for life. It is the time of the Elk.

This fine young fellow was photographed at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, a very fine place for seeing Elk. It is early in the spring and the winter snows have faded from memory. There is plenty to forage, and the world around him is as green as can be. The rains have just come in and water is not a concern at all. And at the end of a wonderful day, in the late afternoon sun, well… that’s just a grand time to pose for your photo!

Man and Elk had a wonderful encounter that day. Both were calm and enjoying the day. Both were as curious as could be about the other. And both thinking to themselves: “Ah, to be a young Elk. Could there be anything better?”

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