Yellowstone Lake


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Yellowstone National Park is known everywhere for its abundance of wildlife, especially bison, bear, and elk. Yellowstone is a very large park, and it needs to be to support the diverse range of wildlife as well as the large population; its ecosystem is just as wide as diverse as the wildlife.

Part of this ecosystem is the Yellowstone River which flows through the park, and originates in the park at Yellowstone Lake. As you might suspect, Yellowstone Lake itself is in keeping with the scale of the park, which is to say, it is pretty big. Reaching depths of almost 400 feet, this is the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 feet in North America.

During the winter months, this lake freezes, or at least the top of it does. When this happens, and the light is just right, the lake and distant mountains provide a surreal image; an image that doesn’t look like it was photographed in North America.

I like the blue tones that permeate this photograph. I find them calming and soothing, just as the lake was on this pristine early spring morning.

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