Wolf Eyes




The eyes have it. Oh yes indeed, they have it. Deep. Intense. Staring right at your and through you at the same time. Yellow in exactly the shade of yellow that eyes should not be. Seeing you, all of you, sizing you up, measuring you, and taking complete stock of you. Non-blinking and non-wavering the eyes have it.

And they have you.

This particular pair of eyes belongs to a wolf at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Ramah, NM. The WSWS (when abbreviated) is all about the care and rehabilitation of wolves; they have more than a few there in varying stages of wolveness. Some are a little more gentle around humans than others. And some, like this guy, well let’s just say that the question is not entirely answered.

Oh. And that spot of blood? Hard to see, I know, because the eyes hold you. But it certainly leaves room for doubt, doesn’t it?

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