White Quarai




Nestled at the foot of the Manzano Mountains in central New Mexico lies the Quarai ruins. These ruins hold both a pueblo and a Spanish Mission. Both are protected and preserved for ourselves, and future generations, to enjoy and learn from. Both hold lessons about our past, and both are testaments to a time long past.

The mission itself still stands tall to this day, although the ravages of time have taken its toll since it was built in the 1600s. The roof and the upper part of the walls are long gone, and only the lower portions of the walls remain in the convento. Despite that, it is easy to imagine how it must have first appeared just after it was built, and it is easy to imagine those who called it home.

Today, although it is visited by a few people, it still retains a feeling of solitude. When the winter snows come in and blanket the ruins, the feeling is even more pronounced. Neither human nor animal visited the mission this day, leaving its snow unmarked.

Quarai has endured white, quiet days before, and it will again. It will endure through time, telling its story.

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