Virgin View


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As the Virgin River tumbles through the canyon in Zion National Park, Utah, it encounters several small obstacles. The river, being a river, takes care of these obstacles over long periods of time, but it does require a lot of time to remove them. In the meantime, the river simple flows around, or in same cases, over them.

Such is the case with Virgin View. The small waterfall is a waterfall at the moment, to be sure, but perhaps in a few centuries it will no longer be a waterfall. Or perhaps it will be a much larger one, for who is to know what the river has in mind for it? In the here and now, though, it provides a beautiful scene on a beautiful fall day, and for us, isn’t that what is important?

For me, personally, I really like the gentleness of this scene. From the small gentle waterfalls to the gentle ripples of the sand. From the rich, deep colors of a beautiful autumn day to the rich red colors of the sandstone boulders lining the banks, both large and small. I like photographs that want to pull me around the next bend to see where they lead, and this one does exactly that.

We’ll see tomorrow what the river brings, but for today we’ll enjoy the view exactly as it is here.

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