Unbounded Chronicles


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Unbounded Chronicles carries you on a visual adventure of a lifetime, along with stories that tickle your fancy and soothe the soul. Take brave and treacherous trips with photographer David Schneider that make your breath catch in your throat. You will find delight and beauty with each page in this book while you view scenes, settings, and surroundings that few people ever get to see.

Unbounded Chronicles is David Schneider’s second book and carries on where his first book, Sojournic Tales, leaves off.

Like Sojournic Tales, Unbounded Chronicles is a perfect coffee-table book and one you will treasure for years to come. The photographs in Unbounded Chronicles can be purchased separately, making an excellent presentation in your home or office.

The softcover version is perfect-bound, and will last a lifetime. Printed in premium color on heavy-weight paper. The hardcover version has the same premium color and heavy-weight paper, plus a beautiful and sturdy high-gloss cover.

150 pages, Full Color 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches

Available in Hard and Soft Covers

Photographs and Stories Included

Desert Southwest

Yellowstone Cloudscape | Mitten’s Sun | Mystery Saucers | HooDoo Sunrise | Mesa Sun | Valley Monuments | TearDrop’s Arch | Antelope’s Window | Alstom Panorama | Malpais Palisade

Tree Magic

Tree Magic | Ironton’s Fire | Forgotten Ironton | Ironton’s Canopy | Reflective Kebler | Kebler’s Leaf | Autumn Deer | Maple Guardians | Maple’s Shadow | Tree Garden | Sunset Maelstrom

Bosque’s Birds

Bosque Surreal | Solo Flight | Ready Hawk | Hawk Takeoff | Egret Takeoff | Geese Drop-In | Landing Sequence

Flower Power

Bluebell Skies | Yankee’s Columbine | Arching Color | Perfect Day | Calypso Orchid | Finch Attitude

Bird Prose

Finch Fellows | Pyrrhuloxia Pose | Cholla Cardinal | Cardinal Love | Bluebird Mom | Bluebird Dad | Bluebird Babies | Roadrunner Pause

Into Autumn

Fall Bells | Mears’ Embrace | Divide’s Autumn | Ashcroft’s Window | Gothic Fall | Oak Variation | Contemplative Reflection | Bosque Afternoon | Aspen Road | Snowkissed Aspens | Season’s End

Yesterday’s Rails

Winter’s Cut | Wintery Tefft | C&TS #484 | S Curve | Crossing Chama

Free Spirits

Stallion’s Desert | Stallion Squabble | Stallion Battle | Mustang Moments | Follow Me

Yesterday’s Reflections

Fiery House | Fallen Roof | Yesterday’s Tower | Casa Blanca | Hovenweep’s Lookout | Abo Mask | Abo Panel | Petroglyph’s Alien? | Newspaper Rock

Running Wild

Elk’s Paradise | Rocky’s Newborn | Moosen Flower | Bighorn Flock | Squirrel TV

Life Unbounded

Swell Shells | Point Sur | McWay’s Paradise | Foggy Fishing | Glade’s Mill | Yesteryear’s Mill | Mabry’s Days | Mabry Remembered | Fall’s Display | Heading Home

Water Power

Zion Serenity | Rifle Falls | Ice Lake | Brush Creek | Quiet Creek

Monumental Stories

Hunt’s Panorama | Monumental Morning | Valley Spirit | Starry Mittens

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