Tri-Color Falls


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Within the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, there exists a small creek. The creek itself isn’t all that remarkable, as it is run-of-the-mill mountain creek that wends its way through the mountains and out into the countryside. Now and then it flows over some exposed rocks, making for a small waterfall or two. Even at that, and as hard as it tries, the waterfalls are also pretty standard.

But, in one special place at one special time of the day, one of the “routine” waterfalls becomes simply stunning. The sun, shining low, but not too low, creates a splash of gold on one side of the waterfall. The heavy mineral content in the stream provides a strong aquamarine color on the other side of the waterfall. And as the colors mix they simply brighten to white, creating an amazing fan of three colors. I am privileged to have seen many amazing sights, and this is certainly one of them.

The creek holds more surprises, too, for above the small waterfall pools reflect the deepening colors of the oncoming fall, making it a hard decision what to examine first in this photograph.

Sometimes, ordinary things become wonderful, something for us all to always keep in mind.

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