Thumb’s Balloons


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Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation is a place full of wonders galore. Everywhere, literally, everywhere, you look tall monuments jut up from the canyon floor, their red rock rising skyway. These are not small monoliths, either, and it can easily take you several hours to walk around one. Little wonder that the valley has been a very popular location for westerns films for the last fifty years or so.

Little wonder, as well, that it would attract hot air balloonists that want to fly there. Every now and then they manage to secure permission to fly it.

This pair of hot balloons is passing by The Thumb. Every notable monument has a name, most of them quite fanciful, yet most of them quite descriptive, too. After all, doesn’t it look like The Thumb is holding onto the pair of balloons?

Before the thumb could grasp them, though, the flew through it without incident and into the valley beyond. The day was perfect for flying, and they stayed aloft for another hour, skimming by mesas and monuments, before finally coming to a gentle rest on the valley floor.

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