Thrasher Kerfuffle


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It was just one of those days.

Nothing to be done for it. Nothing at all. Best not to have even gotten out of bed in the first place, but it is a little late for that, at least for this curve-billed thrasher. It seems to have gotten itself into a bit of a kerfuffle, and now, well, now it has turned into one of those days.

OK. Perhaps that is a little bit dramatic, but as I made this photograph, the pose and expression of this thrasher just seemed to speak to me. I could well imagine that it was not have the best of all days, even though I knew exactly the opposite. For I had my eye on this avian. It was flitting from tree branch to tree branch in southern Arizona. Along the way it was stopping to peck at this and pick at that, and now and then, finding something good. There was a nearby pond as well which it visited, and all in all, it seemed that the thrasher was in a wonderful mood.

And in just a moment, it finished shaking itself off. The feathers smoothed all back down, and once again it was a sleek and graceful bird without a care in the world. All our kerfuffles should end so easily!

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