Thomas Arrival


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Thomas the Tank Engine had worked hard today and he was happy to be back at Big Station. He had been pulling Annie and Clarabel back and forth along the line, and now he was heading back to the station for the last time today. Whew! It had been a great day, however, and the passengers were happy that Thomas was the one selected for today’s runs. Of course, his favorite coaches kept him out of trouble today and it had been smooth sailing all the way!

Tomorrow was looking to be a another wonderful day, but of course, tomorrow’s adventures have to wait until tomorrow.

Who says Thomas isn’t real? He may have started as a fictional character, but sometimes, as is the case here, imagination leaps into the real world. Thomas is arriving at the Chama Station in Chama, New Mexico, on a perfect summer day. Thanks to some railway magic, Thomas is able to make brief appearances here and there, much to the delight of his fans.

“Now arriving, Chama!” and all the children cheered for their favorite tank engine.

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