Teton’s Winter


Original, lab-processed photograph of the Grand Teton mountain range with a metallic finish. All matted photographs are double matted using acid-free mats. Fine art plaques are ready-to-hang and come with everything needed to mount.

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The Teton mountain range in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, is an impressive mountain range. With jagged peaks ranging to almost fourteen thousand feet and almost no foothills to speak of, the mountains start on the plains and end in the sky, an impressive transition. Teton’s Winter showcases this impressive range in the winter.

This panorama encompasses most of the range on a cold winter’s day. I was captivated by the coldness of the scene, and frost still clung to most trees, even late in the afternoon. Snow blanketed the mountains, but not overly so, allowing them to show off a wide variation of shapes and forms under the snow. Not a creature was stirring in the park, and the wide expanse of snow remained undisturbed for days on end, further underscoring the loneliness of winter. The trees, neatly arranged in rows just added to the symmetry that makes up Teton’s Winter, and helps provide a contrast to the scene.

Despite that, the scene called to me. Even though it is cold and snowy, I still see the warmth and the beauty of the mountains. The promise of spring and summer is not far away, and the mountains easily endure until that time.

For now, enjoy the view of Teton’s Winter.

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