Terrace Viewpoint




Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is the world’s first National Park. Established in 1872, the park has seen countless visitors, from near and far, to see its wonders. Often known for its abundant wildlife, the park also offers some amazing scenery as well.

The park happens to be sitting right on top of a volcano, a super volcano at that, and the entire area, geologically speaking, is none too sound. The earth is quite active here, and the thermal forces of the volcano break the surface throughout the park. Sometimes, this happens in a splendid display of force, such as with Old Faithful, and sometimes, it is a much more subdued approach.

The terraces near Mammoth Hot Springs is one of the latter variations. The hot, mineral rich, water bubbles up from the earth and spills out over the rocks. Over the millennia, this has resulted in some terraces being built. I find these terraces to be beautiful in their own right; a land of miniature waterfalls and wonders, slowly growing and changing as the water choose to sculpt or remove a new terrace. This photograph is of a portion of the terraces. It might appear large, but in real life, this section is quite small. Still, I like how the water flows, the steam rises, and the viewpoint represents the much larger whole.

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