Telluride Peak




Many places have their location defined by an iconic landmark. Telluride, Colorado, is no exception.

Telluride Peak rises to a lofty 13,478 feet above sea level–making it a very, very tall mountain indeed (although, to be fair, there happens to be 227 peaks that are higher than this one in the state of Colorado alone). Rising above the town of Telluride, it is a symbol of strength and endurance, for one doesn’t get to be that tall quickly.

However, oddly, the view of the peak itself is blocked by Ajax Peak from the town of Telluride. Instead, this “classic” view is from US 550, just outside of Ouray, peering over the Uncompahgre National Forest. This view is one of my favorites, really and it seems like I could just walk right up to the top of the mountain (in actuality, you can, and as walking to the tops of really tall mountains go, this is not a bad walk at all). Whenever I look at this, I feel a deep sense of peace and serenity, yet I also feel strength of the peak as well.

Should you happen to be passing through The Million Dollar Highway (US 550) just south of Ouray, be sure to stop and look for a moment at this Million Dollar View.

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