Taos Violicious


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New Mexico sunsets provide some of the most incredible colors imaginable. Ranging from deep, deep indigos to pinks to reds and every color you can name (and some you can’t) in between. The recipe for the perfect New Mexican sunset couldn’t be easier:

Start with a distant mountain—up in Taos, New Mexico, there are plenty of mountains to choose from just reach in the Carson National Forest, select the perfect mountaintop, and top with snow (sprinkling a little extra snow around as well). You might also want to add in a low cloud for that perfect decorative flair, as well. Simply drape the cloud over the mountain (be sure to leave the mountaintop exposed, of course), layering it “just so.” Now, wait as the sunset develops; check the scene often, and keep a careful eye. If everything comes together perfectly, you will be treated to a very violicious sunset; replete with wonderful hues of violet.

Alas, the spectacular color doesn’t last for long, and it is fleeting at best. The color tends to flair for just a brief, brief moment, but in the moment, ah, that’s when the magic happens.

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