Sylvan Cabin


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Back when the west was still being settled, the lands were vast and the choices many when it came time to decide where to put one’s homestead. Being sensible folk, the settlers chose the best locations they could, given the circumstances. In a few cases, small settlements grew up into the major metropolitan areas that we know today. In other cases, the homesteads grew into small settlements that flourished, then were abandoned for whatever reason. But in many cases, the homestead served well for a family, never grew beyond that, then faded away into the forgotten corners of history. The cabins are crumbling and decaying as the landscape around them reclaims them once again for its own.

This homestead was saved from the ravages of time, however. Perched beside Brush Creek in Sylvan State Park in Colorado, the homestead still stands proudly today, just as it did one hundred years ago. Safe now from being forgotten, it serves to remind us what life must have been like for the early settlers. The merry creek would have been the lifeblood of the cabin, and today’s park lands would have been fertile grounds for the crops, and the forests provided excellent hunting.

The cabin serves as a reminder of those who came before.

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