Swirled Protrusion


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Arches National Park, in Utah, is best known for its arches, especially since it has over two thousand of them. They come in all shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and forms; they range from the smallest possible to arch to ones spanning over one hundred feet. It is no wonder than people come from all over the world to see the arches.

Yet, as so often is the case, the park has so much more to offer than “just” arches. Since sandstone is a predominant rock in the park, and sandstone is, relatively speaking, soft, there are some extraordinary wind-carved sandstone formations in the park.

What is a shame is that many of these are picturesque and worthy of a trip on their own; but because they have the misfortune to lie between two well-known arches, people whizz on by them without taking a second look.

This protrusion really caught my eye. With the oncoming storm and the dancing light, I was caught by the contrast of the swirled sandstone and the dark clouds. Arches National Park is full of delight, big and small.

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