Supersterious Reverence


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The mountain stood a vigilant watch, day in and day out. A presence and sentinel behind the church, the guardian provided a comforting constant. The days may come and the days may go, but the church and mountain were always there–always. Each tended to its own flock; the church, its congregation who found comfort within its walls, and the mountain its church, who found comfort beneath its protection. Each also gave its flock, as well as each other, the most precious gift of all: hope.

But this day was different than most. Although spring had come, well, and true, so also had winter. For this year winter had grown jealous of spring, and decided to supplant it, once and for all. Without warning, winter swept back in with a vengeance, bringing cold and snow with it. The mountain, however, would have no part of this and would certainly not let its friend feel the effects, either, for the church was at winter’s mercy. Summoning all the effort within it, the mountain drew winter unto itself, and the battle enjoined. The resulting fog and mist enveloped the mountain, almost obscuring it, making it appear almost menacing, but the church knew better. It knew that it was safe and that the grasp of winter would not be felt this day around its steeples. Eventually, winter retreated until the right and proper time, and church and mountain went back to sunny days, each holding in its heart the most precious gift of all: hope.

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