Sunset Maelstrom


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It had been a wicked long day for me.

I had been up well before dawn, and since it was winter, that meant being quite cold. Today, the temperature was -14 below zero, so cold meant cold. The kind of cold that seeps deep into your bones and takes up residence. The kind of cold you feel for hours and hours afterwards, and even as I write this, I am shivering.

I had been chasing the light all day, and, aside from a beautiful sunrise, had very little to show for it. A thick, heavy cloud deck moved in over where I was, Utah, and it was not going to budge for anything. There was little to do at this time, and my time was up, so I pointed my vehicle southward toward home and began the long drive into the dreary day. Along the way, it promised to get better, but didn’t.

Somewhere around Lewis, Colorado, I realized it was all about to change. At last, I drove to the edges of the cloud; at last, there was promise for something amazing. I raced down the road, watching carefully the clouds and the moment. I had almost given up for nothing came together. The sun dipped below the thick clouds, but at the last possible moment, found a space to light up the maelstrom above. Perfect!

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