Sunset Egret


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I truly adore the feeling of this photograph.

Made in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, it evokes, to me, a feeling of calm and serenity as the day winds down. A snowy egret, with the characteristic plumes that appear only during breeding season, is perched on a tree catch, facing the dying sun as it dips below the horizon. The brilliance of the summer day had surrendered to long golds, reflected on the snowy white chest.

The egret sat, nearly motionless, for over a half hour as the sun continued its daily journey. Whether the bird was hunting, or simply enjoying the warmth of the afternoon I cannot know. But we shared that time together and we at peace with the day. At some point, this photograph was created: just one, for more than that would spoil the moment.

Long after the sun had dipped below the horizon the egret stood tall, stretched its wings, and flew off toward the west. My final glimpse of it was wings wide, barely flapping, and headed away. It was, apparently, a good for the both of us.

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