Sunset Divinity


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It had been a long day in Monument Valley, located in the heart of the Navajo Nation. It was, in other words, a typical southwestern day: one full of wind, blowing sand and dust, hot sun, followed by more of the same. There was little relief from the heat of the day, but at least, the ending was holding some promise.

A storm front was roaring through the area. It wasn’t enough to actually rain, or even provide any moisture, but at least it broke up the cloudless sky. As the sun began the set, the winds began to abate, providing relief on all accounts. The changes made the evening absolutely pleasant.

I decided to spend the last few moments of the day out by the North Window, one of my favorite places in the valley. The view is absolutely divine; tall monuments frame the scene, with a parade of monuments leading off into the distance. Closer to me, large boulders lay scattered about as it the giants failed to pick up their toys, and when everything is taken together, it makes this a special place. Even better, although scores of people pass by close this spot every day, few actually stop and find it, which is fine by me. The illusion of being alone in the valley is strong here, and best to keep it that way. The sunset didn’t disappointment, and thus ended another incredible day in the southwest.

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