Sunrise Grouping


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There are, they say, over two thousand arches in Arches National Park, Utah. I deeply suspect that there are probably more than that, as they are literally everywhere and far too many to count. But Arches National Park has far more to offer than “just” arches. It is home to some incredible scenery as well.

Since a large part of the park is made up of sandstone formations, and sandstone is relatively soft, as rock goes, the erosional forces of wind and water over the millennia have created some sculptures beyond compare. When the sun is just right, the red tones of the sandstone is brought to life.

This grouping of sandstone at sunrise is one of my favorite scenes in the entire park, if not the entire region. I like how it is set off against the La Sal Mountains in the background, and how it seems as if these rocks are one day hoping to be as tall as their cousins. And geologically speaking, that is entirely possible, for the earth is constantly in motion, and we are seeing it as only a snapshot in time. I made this photograph just after sunrise on a spring morning; the desert was as green as it was going to be for the year, providing another layer of contrast to the scene. All in all, I find peace and serenity when here, and I hope that you find those same feelings.

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