Summer Bells


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Maroon Bells.

These 14,000+ peaks tower above a small lake just outside of Aspen, Colorado. Called the Maroon Bells, the setting is absolutely, positively, completely tranquil and serene, especially on a clear summer morning. With the just faintest whisper of a breeze, the lake reflects perfectly the tall peaks, framed by others, making a beautiful scene (and indeed, some people claim, with good reason, that this is one of the most photographed areas in Colorado. Perhaps it is, for it is certainly beautiful enough!)

What appealed to me about this particular scene, though, was the color… the flowing green of the mountains as they come together, with the tall, still snowy peaks in the foreground,and the crisp colors of the lake below. And within the reflection of the rocky mountains there rest smaller rocks, reflecting the mountains in more than one way, and appealing to my sense of symmetry.

Maroon Bells on a summer day is an absolutely stunning sight!

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