Stream Dream


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There exists, deep in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico a small stream, named, oddly enough the East Fork Jemez River. “River,” in this case, is quite the misnomer, since this is really a stream with dreams of one day becoming a river… downstream this dream is much closer to being realized. But here? Not so much.

The stream (ah, “river”) starts at a group of springs in the Santa Fe National Forest and meanders for just over 20 miles before joining up with the San Antonio Creek to become, finally, the Jemez River (which is much closer to a river, really). Along the way it winds through some of the most amazing scenery–from the nearly still headwaters to fast-moving waterfalls, and of course, everything in between. As expected, it is home to countless animals, and its overall habitat is beyond important.

Yet, it is the small things that matter, when it comes down to it. A small bridge crosses the stream (oops, “river”) along a footpath. In the middle of the bridge is a great place for reflection… put that bridge in front of a large, imposing rock wall and suddenly the great place is the perfect place. The river flows past the wall, under the bridge, and downstream along its own dream…becoming, not so very far away, the true river it is destined to be. And perhaps that the lesson to be learned at this bridge.

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