Stormy Mission


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Pecos National Historic Park in New Mexico is a place where cultures collided and time tried to stand still. Neither of these worked out too well.

Pecos “began” somewhere around 800 A.D. when the first settlers in the Rio Grande Valley area moved into this wonderful and almost perfect environment. By 1200 A.D. the first pueblo had been built and by 1300 A.D. the area was in full swing. It featured a fairly significant multi-level pueblo, with upwards of 700 rooms and the Tiwa Indians called it home. Situated in between the Rio Grande Valley and the plains, Pecos had an ideal location.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, when he rolled through the area in the early 1500s, thought so too, although the Europeans stayed away until 1590. By 1618 a mission had been built at Pecos and the cultures meshed and collided over the years.

Today the remains of a Great Kiva and the mission stand side by side. The stormy skies remind us that the past here was not always tranquil. Yet, today Pecos endures, despite the storms, just as it always has. May we always remember, respect and celebrate our past.

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