Storm’s A’Callin’


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There’s a storm brewing, up over Wilson Peak, Colorado. And from the look of thing, it is going to be good-sized storm. The kind of storm in the late summer that is upset at missing the summer monsoon season, and is fixing to make up for lost time.

The mountains know it, and they are hunkered down as much as a mountain can be, which is to say, not very much. The day knows it, too, and it is beginning to creep away as quietly and quickly as possible, lest to not incense the storm any more. And the animals know it, too, for they as one are heading home, or away from the storm, although without the stealth of the day.

The clouds drift lower and lower, and begin to envelope the tops of the mountain peaks; before long the peaks will be in the thick of it. Now that the day is leaving the colors left behind begin to thrash about, throwing off shades of pinks and purples, reds and blues, almost as if to distract the storm. Those that can continue their journey home.

There’s a storm a’calling, and it is time to get out of its way.

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