Starry Mittens


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Monument Valley, in the Navajo Nation, is world renowned for its extraordinary vast vistas. It has come to represent the quintessential southwestern landscape, and it has been the location for countless western movies. If you are a director, and your movie or film is set in the southwest, odds are pretty good you’ll think about coming to Monument Valley. It’s sunrises and sunsets are unparalleled as well, making the entire valley, any time of the day, a landscape photographer’s dream.

And nights, too. Those same towering monuments that make the perfect accompaniment to a daytime photograph also make for an amazing nighttime one as well. With its nearly perfect dark skies, stars come out to play over the valley.

This photograph was made shortly after sunset; the afterglow is still in the air and the valley itself is still settling into its nighttime role. Yet, the stars come out quickly, since there are no major cities to spread light pollution here. Only the small town of Mexican Hat, here in the far distance, provides any artificial light.

The Mittens enjoyed the stars, as they danced this night, and I did, too.

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