Squirrel Secret


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“Pssst! Wanna know a secret?”

Oh, how I could not resist that opening. No how, no way, could I walk away now, for when a round-tailed ground squirrel offers to share a secret with me, my attention is all theirs.

“The best nuts are over there, behind that rock. I put them there yesterday.”

Well, that’s a secret I suppose, but considering that there were literally hundreds of rocks scattered about, not terribly informative. I politely asked which rock, exactly, had the nuts. The squirrel pointed confidently at one, but quickly wavered, and then pointed to another rock. Then another and another and at some point, turned to me with a shy grin and admitted that it wasn’t exactly sure which rock anymore.

With that, the squirrel scampered away to find another nut to stash away for a later time. When it wasn’t looking, I found a nut, put it behind the original rock, and called it over. “Say! I knew it was there the whole time!” The squirrels in southern Arizona are fun to hang out with.

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