Soberanes Point


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Sometimes, you make a photograph because it makes you feel happy, awake and vibrant; typically these photographs feature bright sunny skies or a similar topic. Sometimes, though, you make a photograph because it just makes you feel.

Soberanes Point is one of those photographs. Made on a stormy spring morning on the Big Sur coastline of California, it calls me back to that moment in time. I love quiet power of the ocean in the background, seemingly gentle, yet also unquiet at the same time; it has the potential to quickly turn, and it knows it, yet it holds off for now. The dark, draping clouds with overtones of purple behind the seas, waiting to see what the ocean might do next before deciding what to do themselves. And the bright spring flowers, caring not for the intense drama behind them, instead, focusing on adding color the morning landscape.

Let’s not forget the path leading us from where we are to the sea. That path beckons me into the morning, calling for me to tread upon it, to see where it might go, and hear what stories it might tell. I find the entire scene to be compelling, power and an amazing reminder of where the sea meets the land, interesting stories are told.

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