Snowy Vista


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The Sandia Mountains in New Mexico: a small chain of mountains, perhaps, but considering that Sandia Peak soars to 10,678 feet, they certainly hold their own.

The weather up on top usually differs dramatically from the lower elevations, as you might expect. The journey up the mountain is like traveling to an entirely different country, sometimes, in fact. It might be spring down below, but up top, well, it might as well be winter. And oddly enough, that is exactly what happened in this particular shot.

Taken in late March, it was a beautiful sunny day at the base on the mountain. But by the time I had reached the summit, well, you can see that it is far from a spring day. Snow, frost, more snow, and more frost was everywhere: it coated the trees and if one didn’t know any better, you would think it was deep winter. Looking out, a fierce winter storm raged on the next mountain over, and surely, surely, we are just outside of the Himalayan mountains?

But a short time later, down at the base of the mountain, proved that wrong and spring had indeed sprung.

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