Snowkissed Aspens


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The day started out with the promise of snow, and the morning was cold, the kind of cold that seeps right into your bones, further bolstering the snowy possibility. The clouds were low, heavy and gray, a drab counterpoint to the morning’s cold.

Undeterred, I headed up to Colorado’s Grand Mesa, a very beautiful location on bright and sunny days. Still, I had a feeling about this morning. Even as I went up the mesa and merged into the clouds, I was still quite optimistic. I soon left the safety of the pavement and headed deep into the forest.

The cold and clouds up on top of the mesa hadn’t been idle, for they combined for the season’s first snow. Not a heavy one, but a light and gentle one. I couldn’t be happier with the results and my hunch was confirmed. The snow caressed and kissed the aspens, leaving the lightest of all traces, and it barely covered the ground. A perfect first snow, although later snows in the season would be substantially heavier and much more robust. I spent a good deal of time up on that mesa that day, this scene is one of my favorites from that time. I hope you enjoy the first snow of Grand Mesa as much as I did.

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