SL Lights




There is something peaceful, yet magical, about twilight. It creeps in ever so slowly to steal the day, blanketing all with darkness, yet often so slowly you don’t even realize the robbery is in progress. And sometimes, you are completely aware of it, and enjoy the experience.

Such was the case on a warm summer’s even on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. I was out across the lake, looking back at the city lights as they began to wink on. One by one, two by two, all in the effort to stave off the darkness and its eventual outcome. The sky was crystal clear, and as the blue of the daylight faded, it was replaced by the deeper blues of twilight. There wasn’t even the hint of a breeze, the night was so calm.

I was struck by the scene. Admittedly, something quite different for me, yet… I loved the way the mountains came together to embrace the city, and loved how the lights reflected into the mirror surface of the lake, and loved the deep, rich colors. How could SL Lights not be made?

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