Scenic Basin


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Yankee Boy Basin lies high above Ouray, Colorado. Nestled in between the tall mountains, the basin, as most basins do, boasts small streams, picturesque views, and in the summer, flowers. Since the mountains themselves funnel the water runoff, the basins tend to be hotspots for flora and fauna. Especially flora.

Getting to the basins themselves is another story. The Yankee Boy Basin’s access is via a small, rocky road, although “road” is an exceptionally generous term. It is an old mining road, and back when wagons ruled the mountains, you didn’t need much of a road to get there and back. Still, it can be done and the effort is well rewarded.

Legend has it that this area, and the two small waterfalls in the background, have been used as the main image for Coors Brewing Company. Some local people smile knowingly when you ask them about this, and others, when asked, will tell that it simply isn’t true. Either way, though, the Yankee Boy Basin is incredibly beautiful.

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