Sandy Yucca




We live our lives. Each of us leaves our mark upon this world, each in our own way. Time passes for us, sometimes quickly, and sometimes not so quick. And we continue in our lives, always moving forward.

But it is not this way for everyone, and it is certainly not this way for the yuccas that attempt to survive in the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. For theirs is a constant race against the sand, and a constant race to survive. As the winds shift and move the dunes (and oh yes, the dunes move, and sometimes quite a lot), the yuccas must always reach light, for failure to do so means that the yucca will not survive. The yuccas are not so much concerned with leaving their mark upon this world as they are merely staying in it.

The wind sometimes helps, however, leaving marks around the yuccas instead of burying them. The lines the wind sometimes leave are as precise as any gardener would ever make them and have a style beyond compare. Nature has created a symmetry and a grace that defines beauty. Combining the marks of the wind with the yucca, now almost ready fully bloom, reminds us that beauty is always all around us.

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