Saguaro Amigos




They stood there, together, stalwart against time. Year after year; year in and year out, they stood on their desert–their desert, mind you–standing tall. And every year, year in and year out, year after year, they grew ever so slowly. For the saguaros were in no hurry at all, and a century or two was not really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. And saguaros tend to think very long term thoughts.

At first, it was a lone Native American, creeping by now and then, stealthily and quickly, slipping past without a whisper in the night. Later it more Native Americans, on horses this time, and they cared not who saw them transverse the desert. As the years rolled by, it was a Spaniard who took note of them, but seeing as they had no gold, he kept going. Later still an entire expedition of Spaniards came through, but again, no attention was paid to the friends in their desert. Prospectors, intent for the gold in the Superstition Mountains walked by without truly seeing the amigos. Later, the distant whistle of the train echoed through the hills, only to be supplanted by the sounds of automobile engines, but only if there wasn’t a plane overhead.

They stand there, together, stalwart against time, year over year, these saguaro amigos.

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