S Curve


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It’s a sight not often seen anymore. Yet, if you know where to look, history comes alive…This history in question is the coal-fired, steam powered locomotive #484 for the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad as it descends from Cumbres pass on its way into Chama, New Mexico. Once a part of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad hauling freight across the region, this engine todays carries passengers, instead, as they enjoy the journey across time, and, of course, the rails.

I am particularly fond of this photograph because I like the power of the engine steaming toward me across the sweeping S Curve. It is easy for me to imagine that it was 80 years ago, and instead of passenger cars behind it, perhaps it was cars loaded with freight from up north, making its way back into New Mexico. Without the extensive network of narrow-gauge railroads, taming the west would have been a lot more of a struggle.

As it is, though, the power, majesty, and awe-inspiring beauty of the steam engines remain as they still run the rails and keep history in the here and now.

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