Running Free


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There is someone magical about watching a horse run. Something primal, deep inside of us all, kicks in, and we become one with the horse as it begins to hit its stride, mane and tail flowing back behind it. When there are many horses, the moment is downright transfixing.

This small band of horses are just about ready to break into a full run in Monument Valley, in the Navajo Nation. They are reservation horses, to be sure, but when they get a chance to take to the sand dunes, they do so with gusto. They know this is their chance to run free, and they are about to make the most of it.

Of course, standing in front of a band that is coming right for you will certainly capture your attention, yet I felt as if I was one with the horses. I felt the wind increasing on my face as my hooves flew effortlessly over the sand. I felt the cool wind ruffle through my fur and I felt my mane lift off my back as I gained speed. My eyes saw the vast, endless valley stretch before me, calling and beckoning to me, urging me on, ever faster, ever onward.

I was soon running free.

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