Rifle Falls


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The water flows, endlessly, ever moving, ever falling, ever flowing. Standing there, being in the moment, is much like being in a dream, for your entire attention is drawn to the falls and the constant, ever changing, spectacle of the water falling, the water pooling, the water coming back together and continuing about its way. The falls fall on, holding you, entrancing you and captivating you.

This triple waterfall is Rifle Falls near Rifle, Colorado and the water in question is East Rifle Creek. Although the location is unassuming, these falls are an amazing spectacle. Unexpectedly, at least to me, is the sound of the falls. Although I have presented the scene here as a tranquil, dreamy scene, which matches how I view the falls, the falls themselves are loud. At a height of 70 feet, the water comes crashing down, and it is hard to hear yourself think. Despite that, though, the roar makes it perfect, for as you gaze at the falls, and are drawn into them, thinking about anything else just doesn’t seem important.

There is something magnificent about this scene. The power of the falls, giving way to a tropical-feeling environment below, then fading away into the creek again, gives me a sense of wonder, as well as a never ending sense of peace. The water flows endlessly into endless tranquility.

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