Reflective Finch


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We all, sometimes, think deep thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts come upon us rather unexpectedly, when we least expect it, and they make us stop and think. We pause in life, and those around us might wonder what it is, exactly, that we are doing. Other times, we intentionally set out to think deep thoughts, and like as not, use a mirror to help that self introspection.

Who says that the animal kingdom doesn’t think deep thoughts? It certainly seems as if they do. Alas, using a mirror isn’t an option. But a still pond on a clear morning certainly is, as this reflective finch is aptly demonstrating.

Clearly, he is paused in life, pondering, although, of course, exactly what is pondered upon is not known. Still, to all outward appearances, the finch is taking a moment. Then again, perhaps he is simply enjoying a cool drink and his pose and reflection were perfectly captured. Or perhaps he is just about ready to take flight, now that his thirst has been quenched.

In any event, the reflective finch gives us all pause to stop and enjoy the world around us.

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