Quail’s Outing


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To many, it is a time honored family tradition. The necessary items are gathered, such as blankets and umbrellas, beach balls, and of course, sunscreen. Lunch is packed into the cooler, as well as a few goodies that might have been snuck in, of course. At the anointed hour, the kids are herded into the car, and the family is off to the beach for a day of fun and adventure.

Although this isn’t a beach, and the car wasn’t packed, this quail family is certainly observing their version of the family outing to the beach. In this case, the “beach” is a wonderfully secluded pond, free from any immediate danger, with quiet waters and easy access. The car trip is replaced by a short walk, and in a few short moments these gambel’s quail arrive. Kids and all!

Mom and Dad Quail keep a sharp eye out, but the kids have seen the water and are headed straight toward it! Like kids everywhere, they pile into it, enjoying its cool, refreshing waters, and without a care in the world, they proceed to have a fantastic day.

Before too long, however, it is time to go. That’s OK, because this family will be back at the pond soon.

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