Quail’s Log


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The gambel’s quail is s funny bird, and for the most part exclusive to the desert southwest. Mainly found in Arizona, such as this fine fellow here, they are quite adaptable to their surroundings. Although they prefer thorny vegetation to live in, which must be a, ah, prickly situation now and then, they can also survive readily around human communities. In this case, they will head toward river valleys and drainage areas.

What sets this bird apart is its plume, which I think adds a tremendous amount of character and charm to the bird. Most of the time it stands straight up, but now and then it flops over, giving the bird a rackish look.

The gambel’s quail is monogamous as well. Mother and father will raise a brood together, taking turns with the little ones. Mother will take them out, then father, and sometimes, both of them. Seeing a quail family out and and about is certainly a charming site.

In any event, this male struts atop his log, owning this small part of the world, and enjoying a beautiful spring Arizonian morning.

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