Quail’s Adventure


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Ah, to be young again!

Youth has its privileges, that’s for sure. When we are young the world is new and fresh. Every day we wake up to new adventures, new learnings, and new experiences. The world is an incredible place. And for these gambel’s quail babies, well, their world is full of adventure.

Seen here they are approaching their favorite watering hole. They know this pond well, and I know this because I was privileged to watch them come to it many times. Each and every time they would approach the pond with what can only be described as sheer joy. The would weave through the rocks that surrounded it, then in a flurry, head straight into the water.

They didn’t all fit through the opening comfortably, but that didn’t stop them for making their headlong rush into the water! Small quail bodies were squished, but it made no difference at all to any of them, if indeed any of them happened to notice. They were just enjoying their time in the pond, each and every time. These quail certainly know how to enjoy their youth.

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