Point Sur


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Point Sur, near Big Sur, California is working light station. Located on a small hill above the Pacific Ocean, this light station still guides and warns ships away from the deceptively treacherous coastline. In the dark of a moonless night, or when the fog is rolling in, mariners are beyond thankful for the guidance given.

This complete scene, however, reminds me of the power and the majesty of the ocean. The small, yet mighty, light attempts to stave off the entirety of the Pacific Ocean. Reaching out to sea, whether the sea wants that or not, it guides ships well and safely past the shoreline. Through sunny days and fierce winter gales, the light station continues to vigil, holding out hope to all who need it. Today, the weather is relatively calm, although a storm is just beginning to think about brewing off the coast. Point Sur pays it no attention, and it will ride through it, should it dare to come this way.

The lonely, empty beach stretches away from the light station, further underscoring the solitude that the light keepers must face. Windswept trees, bent backwards by a lifetime of strong winds, keep those who walk its sands company. The ocean rolls on forever, and the light station keep watch over it all.

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