Perfect Day




Every now and then everything in the world lines up perfectly. The sky is bright and sunny, with some wonderful fluffy clouds here and there. There is a gentle breeze, just gentle enough to move the air and keep you cool, yet not enough to actually blow anything out of place, at all times. The temperature is absolutely perfect, too, and you are neither too hot nor too warm, and if you could adjust it to anywhere you wouldn’t. The birds are chirping cheerfully in the distance, while the gentle “buzz buzz” of nearby bees provides a counterpoint. The flowers are in full bloom, reaching for the sky, their colors perfectly contrasting with everything else, yet also blending in just as perfectly.

Exactly that perfect day happened to me recently out in the El Malpais National Monument in New Mexico. All these factors, and everything else, lined up for me to create a stellar moment in the time, and making this photograph was a natural extension of that moment. The indian blanket flowers were so colorful as they reached toward the sky that it was hard to believe they were real. The bees on them, of course, had no problem believing they were real. The day was everything I could have asked for, and more.

I hope that your day is perfect as well!

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